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Unusual Shoes
Unusual Shoes
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Unusual Shoes


The fascinating thing about unusual shoes is that they are the result of innovative and creative ideas of some of the most weird shoe designers. However, there seems to be some controversy that surrounds their creation. Currently, there has been an upsurge in interest in this fashionable footwear. This makes them even more confusing and the best thing one can do is appreciate them (from a distance!) for their aesthetic value and ingenuous and creative style.


unusual shoes


What are the factors that make up unusual shoes?


Unique Designs

The special thing about these shoes is their uniqueness. It is highly unlikely to find two or more shoes having the same design or style. The reason for this is that the original designers and makers were each motivated by a certain theme which influenced their design and so the design that they have come up with is unique to them. The materials that are used to make these shoes are quite different. Some are made of plastic and fabric while others made of cast metal, leather and also a combination of one or more of these materials. This element of uniqueness offers the interested buyer an opportunity to sample and select specific designs to purchase.


Shoe Websites

There are specific websites that are dedicated to informing individuals about unusual shoes. These sites have galleries for the shoes they have managed to capture and store as photos. This is one of the easiest ways of searching for specific designs of these shoes. Still other websites offer them for sale, and so interested buyers can shop from those sites. One can buy and keep unusual shoes as collectible. This means purchasing the shoe and keeping it for posterity i.e. to show people in the future.


Social View

The unusual shoes may seem inappropriate or distracting when worn in public and so it is rare to find people wearing them. Most prefer to have them as a collector’s item or decoration. However, there are some moderate designs that don’t focus more on creativity over use. Such designs can be worn casually by the owner. Individuals who have outrageous or provocative designs should keep their shoes away from public eye.


Hate them or love them, these shoes are here to stay and their legacy is even greater and perhaps bigger than the controversies they create.



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